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About the Opera

Imagine a world where pandemics, wars, and environmental decay have forced us to live underground. Imagine that all our needs are brought to our door, via The Machine. It’s not hard to imagine, then, that The Machine soon controls everyone we see and hear, and what we think is reality. Imagine being trapped in a technological maze of our own creation. We can only imagine. Or can we? Are we already there? Combine this scenario with an exciting operatic score that focuses on two individuals (a mother and her son) condemned to their isolated lives. You will want to be in the audience, even if you’ve never been to an opera.

Producer and musical director Ed Kottick says, “I was introduced to The Machine Stops at a workshop performance sponsored by the Iowa Summer Writing Festival (I was the conductor). I was so taken with the unique creative vision of John and Cecile that I decided I needed to help this work see the light of day in any way I could. Hence, I became actively involved in the project. We have arranged the music for a chamber orchestra of twelve: three strings, three woodwinds, three brass, percussion, piano, and electric guitar. And stage director Josh Sazon has created a visually rich setting for our cast of seven singers.